In the evening of the 19th of November 1972 an election campaign ended that had not seen its like in the history of the republic. Against the bitter resistance of the bourgeois camp Willy Brandt was elected to be Federal German Chancellor, which finally ended the conservative post-war period. Henri Nannen, the chief editor of STERN, also like and admired the SPD politician, and he put me on his trail. From this time on I squeezed myself into SPD party meetings, accompanied the Brandts when they took a holiday in Fuenteventura or Norway, toured with the Chancellor on "information journeys" through the Federal Republic and went with him on state visits. Our last journey together was in late April 1974 to Anwar el-Sadat in Cairo. In the morning of our return the spy Günter Guillaume was arrested. In contrast to my camera I never came really close to the Chancellor. Brandt always seemed to be somewhere in the clouds, and even after two years together, he still greeted me as he saw me for the first time.