Leading the life of a photographer I travelled a lot, but to catch an exiting picture I only had to go as far as my own doorstep. Which I liked to do and did frequently, although it invariably required hard work and the ability to abstract and extract a strong picture from the ordinary and usual things. Pictures of home are just difficult. This is why to start with I was a bit at a loss, when STERN asked me early in 1983 to portray my own country. An enormous freedom - but where should I start, where end? I just travelled around, without any aim and purpose at all, and after some time one subject came to the other. Participants in a carnival procession urinating onto the portal of the cathedral in Cologne. Passers-by dancing to the accordian tune of a street musician with amputated legs. An old lady closely examining a special offer. When the report "Germany in March" finally appeared on twelve double pages in STERN, there were protests - the newspaper BILD published a devasting comment with the ironic final remark: Helmut Schmidt has not deserved this." (Schmidt was Federal German Chancellor until 1982.) But all I had done was to walk through Germany with open eyes. Fpr my compatriots I was still a runner-down of my own country.