In the early sixties in post-war Germany could see the light at the end of the tunnel, but hardly anybody could yet afford a TV-set or long-haul journeys. Stern stood in for this. With great reports it wanted to take terra incognita, the big wide world, which for most Germans already started at Kufstein, to people's homes. One of the first Stern reports from abroad was to be called "Our neighbour Italy". This is why in spring 1963 Stern author Jörg Andrees Elten and me travelled around the country in a Mercedes limousine for six weeks. We bathed in Ostia, dined in Siena, and walked through the famous Mafia village Corleone in Sicily, in which the inhabitants refused to exchange a single word with us. Even when we asked for the time the dozen white-haired men dozing in the shade on the market place only continued to stare in front of them without speaking. One of them pushed his flat cap back towards his winkled neck. That was it.