Why does a photographer show interest for an artist? Maybe because he feels a bit close to him; possibly because his works of art interest him; but above all because famous subjects force up the value of every picture. Why is a popular artist interested in being portrayed? The answer is, of course, because a good picture increases his popularity. This is how the symbiosis of artists and photographers works. As soon as somebody is somebody, he or she does no longer want to be photographed by just anybody. Then it is very helpful to be able to convince with pictures to be shown on approval, and in most cases I chose the catalogue of my exhibition of portraits for his purpose. One person was impressed by the Callas, the other by Max Frisch, a third was convinced by the portraits of Joseph Beuys. And if it became really difficult - such as for example with Gabriel Garcia Márquez, who had felt empty with photos for a long time and simply stood us up after the first appointment - I pulled out one of my books. It always helped.